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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) tillhandahåller en kostnadsfri tjänst med möjlighet att komma i kontakt med företag som söker en partner inom Europa. IT Centrum Väst och Enterprise Europe Network i samarbete kommer framöver att lyfta fram ett antal förfrågningar som kan vara av intresse för västsvenska ICT-företag. För mer information, kontakta:
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Enterprise Europe Network
Business Region Göteborg AB
Box 111 19
404 23 Göteborg, Sweden

3D gesture-control interactive solutions (Technology Offer

A Brussels SME has integrated and optimized a commercial depth sensing camera and Software Development Kit (SDK) for best performance and quality in building 3D gesture-based applications and interfaces. By teaming up with application and methodology experts and embedded ICT system manufacturers, the company aims at enhancing the user experience of its gesture recognition tools in diverse scenarios for the consumer electronics market. Technical cooperation is sought.
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IT system to control material flow (Technology Request)

A Polish medium sized company  which manufactures steel constructions for mining industry, power plants and for offshore (subsea exploration) is looking for an IT system to manage the flow of the materials (resources) in the warehouse and in the production area. The technology should be fully developed.
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PS-FP7-SME-2013 - ICT for water and energy management in crop production (Partner Request)

A Hungarian Research Institute, as a project representative invites SME partners to a proposal to the FP7 Research for SMEs call (FP7-SME-2013-BSG). The aim is: to develop an innovative diagnostic system for on-line acoustic control of pump condition. The team is looking for technical SME partners with expertise in system manufacturing, sensor manufacturing, condition monitoring, pump manufacturing and end-user SMEs who daily operate with pumps.
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Maria Lundin, Enterprise Europe Network & Erik Behm, IT Centrum Väst @ Business Region Göteborg

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