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Foto: Juan Rubiano

Foto: Juan Rubiano

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) tillhandahåller en kostnadsfri tjänst med möjlighet att komma i kontakt med företag som söker en partner inom Europa. IT Centrum Väst och Enterprise Europe Network i samarbete kommer framöver att lyfta fram ett antal förfrågningar som kan vara av intresse för västsvenska ICT-företag. För mer information, kontakta:
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Enterprise Europe Network
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Cost effective High-Speed Infrared Radiation Sensor (10 CH 84FB 3GCS)
For industrial monitoring a research institute in Switzerland requires an infrared measurement device with short rise-time (<1ms) sensitive in the range 3-5µm or 8-12µm. The sensor should be packaged including optics, cooling and amplifier electronics. A Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) < 500mK for measurements at room temperature (range: 70K) is necessary. The analog output signal is preferably in the range of 0-10V. Commercial agreement with assistance sought.

Small, Highly Accurate Color Display (10 US 87GA 3GHG)
A large US company is looking for proposals for the joint-development of a highly color accurate hand-held display system. They are interested in licensing, product acquisition, contract research, proof of concept leading to scale up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement. Annual production upwards of 10 000 units is possible.

Multistream compression - a new data compression method with capability of parallel processing (08 CZ 0744 0IZ8)
A Czech programmer has developed a statistical compression method providing effective compression of data. This method is based on the transformation of data to set of streams. The main innovations are better compression ratio and the ability of parallel processing. The author is seeking partners who are interested in the development and utilization of this invention including subjects capable to obtain grants oriented on research of further potential of this method.

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